I think the complete inability for an LBS to understand their WW is the greatest thing that locks us up in our mind and heart. As shown on here so many WW just go WAY past the level of comprehension for an LBS and because they still exist physically as whom we recall...it's the ultimate trauma. for me at least, my value of myself never faltered, but my belief in my ability to meet the needs of the other gender...oh yeah that was shot to crap.

It's so funny to me Stander. When you described your new lady and how amazing she was to me in the early days of my sitch, I was like "yeah right, good luck for me finding something like that" BAM! out of NOWHERE she came to me! Best I can describe it is "next chapter for B, BD has begun". It is funny as well because as I am completely certain of my desire to pursue this new relationship...out of the back of my mind there are whispers saying "maybe my W was right in ending us". THAT feeling after so many months of complete denial that could be the case.

All I can say is right now even if I wanted to, I could not go back to my WW. It's not even a matter of dropping the rope...there is no rope to drop anymore.


Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19