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Haha B that's awesome. I had the same thing happen to me in August. I went out and had 4 different women showing interest one Saturday night. And my mindset changed so quick. And hopefully you learned how much of that "being down" was just in your head!

Another anti-D writer I read during my sitch talked about how these wives with a walkaway mindset usually regretted it. Our society and male-female characteristics, like it or not, makes it much more easy for a man to move on than a woman. She talked about how many wives that had affairs, then initiated D would later see their ex-H happily remarried, while her affair eventually ended, and wishing she still had her H. She even said it was a phenomenon where the WW wouldn't want her H back until it was too late, IE he had moved on with another woman.

Anecdotally this generally seems to be true based on the what I've seen.

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