neffer, as always thank you for your support. you're positivity with so many people suffering on here, I wish I had that.

dropping into straight out depression...i can feel it circling me hoping i'll drop into it. D4 solely by being the light of my life, keeps me free of it. beyond being able to stay free of future is stasis. the more time passes the more pieces of the destruction i'll be able to put back together. i've lost, my WW has won. and if she was far from healed, i've now joined the listed of zombie like casualties as well. feel like giving up on the IC, giving up on pointless trying to understand how to become a better partner. two divorces in 10 years, two new houses i never lived in long enough to even get comfortable in or fully make a home.

i'm strong and will forever be for my D4. simply put it's the only valid representation of true love this chaotic modern entitled world can't destroy. you are a blessing to many on here neffer, even if so many of us rue "the other side" that we don't understand from which you experienced. i thank you sincerely for the help you give everyone, i just think i'm way too far gone for helping. she won.

Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19