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just a quick journal entry...

it is a terrible shame that this divorce must happen and W has not shown a single sad feeling about this...it is what it is I know, I know also as Sandi has said I can't fear the divorce and it just has to happen.

i am definitely one of those once divorced the door is forever closed types of folks although the words that BluWave wrote in Joe2017's sitch really had an impact on me and how i view what's happening.

i'm resigned to the inevitability of what lies ahead of me. i know unfortunately it must happen and for all intents my MR has been dead for coming up on a year. i do not understand how man or woman can get to a point like my WW where the ending of an MR can be seen as a positive or even joyful thing. i guess that's just one of those unanswerables of life that i don't have to like, but must accept.

our marriage/family I loved more than my own life...REAL hard to see it ending like it was nothing but a piece of trash to my W.

I know i'm not alone in these feelings and I know full well the blessings i have in my life...doesn't stop the pain of this though...


Having your S reneg on their commitment to the MR is the hardest thing any of us will go through short of medical issues. No question. It is the most emotionally damaging event someone can go through. And you've been through it twice. B, hang in there. Things will improve and get better. Love that little girl like the precious gift she is!

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