AS advice is good. However, tough love in dealing with WWs sometimes requires being tough.

1) I like AS' response here. But I also like downloading. Watching it. When she asks, "Hey did you ever DL the newest episode?" "Yes I did." "When are we watching it?" "I already did, but you are welcome to watch anytime you'd like,"

2) "My low oil light is on!' "That's not good, you should be sure to sort that out as soon as you can."

3) "My ECU light is on." "That might be something serious, you should probably take it in to get checked out."

helpme, if you worked for a company.....and they fired you, would you still answer their phonecalls? Would you still do the work they had been paying you for? Would you be at the company's beckon call?

Your W has fired you as her H. Yet she is still trying to get all of the benefits you provide as her H. She needs to understand what life with you is about.

If you are concerned about the credit cards and shared finances, speak to your attorney (I believe on your side of the pond that refer to it as solicitor) to see what is legal for you to do. Your goal should be to split finances as much as possible as soon as possible, but only do so with your attorney's guidance. Since you are not married this may be easier to do.

I'd suggest tough love in your case because she has such a short trigger with "I am taking the kids and leaving!". She is manipulating you. She is nice and polite when she wants something. And then mean and nasty when she doesn't get her way. You are dealing with a grown woman that has reverted to 14 year-old behavior. And therefore must be handled like a 14 year-old.

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