Until Monday i dont think so and i have no reason to think that she has had a PA in any way- her routine hasnt changed from the Norm in the last few months.. Apart from going out more over xmas - but her friends are all the same and "tag" "tag" "tag" away on facebook.. So i know she is out drinking due to all the social media crap.

The EA is ongoing - Just daily whatsapps messaging - She bumped into "guy 1" on a night out and she speaks to the new guy "guy 2 " at the gym.. But i cant think of a time when she has had the chance to meet them. Just a lot of messaging and deletion... So i had zero reason to suspect anything physical until yesterday / today...

I think me going out this weekend and refusing the disclose where i was going was the straw that broke the camals back and she assumed i was seeing a girl.

She went out on monday night and told me she was seeing her friend - i knew she was lying and she is meeting this friend next week ( which is true ) .. I also clocked on monday night that her dirty knickers were at the top of the linen basket - She would normally change them the next morning after a shower - never in the evening . One tuesday morning she took her usual shower she threw another pair on top of them.. So she has changed her knickers on monday night before leaving - sorry to go into so much detail.. But its a fact and not usual. I wasnt even looking for this - just realised on monday night when i came to put my clothes in the linen basket and, and saw her knickers on top of everything..

Then this AM i checked her call records as my daughter was on her phone ( hence unlocked ) - ( i know its going against detachment ) and she called "guy 1" within minutes of leaving the house on monday night ( on the drive i suspect as it was 1 minute after she left the house ) - duration was 29 seconds.. So i'm assuming that she was letting him know she was on her way - She returned 2 hours later...

So unless she is playing her own mind games ( as she is careful usually to delete everything, so i do wonder why she didnt delete the call to him - unless in the excitement she overlooked it ) i suspect they met.

Previous username - Helpme123.. A name chosen at a desperate time..

Now Mr Brightside.. coming out of my cage, and doing just fine.