Thanks for the advise so far people,

Next questions.. Which are going to sound odd, but its whats she would expect of me / our relationship in the past..

Three things have bobbed up this morning on the limited conversation i had when i walked out of the door..

1st - We have always watched a particular TV program together, which i download from the states ( its not shown in the UK ) - The new series has just started - Obviously i detached last week and havent been in the same room since i started posting here. Now i have the new episode of this ( she knows it was on TV ) , and she expects to watch it tonight.. So how do i handle this ? Watch it myself in the kids playroom ? - do i give her a copy for her to watch on her own in the main room ? or Say i couldnt get a copy yet to avoid looking like i am being nasty - then just watch myself when she is out on saturday night ? -

2nd - She told me her car has a "low Oil" warning. Again, no issue.. I would normally fix. There is a tub of oil in the garage.. Should i just do it.. Or again, play the tough love card and leave the oil by the garage door and tell her to sort?

3rd - Her car ECU warning light also came up on her car a week ago. I have fobbed her off a few times about looking at it, but she is on my case to sort it ASAP.. In the past, i would sort. I have the ECU diagnostic software and reader etc.. And i dont want her stranded if it breaks down, as this impacts on the children / school runs etc. I am inclinded to say take it to a garage, but feel she will just stick the bill on the credit card ( shared account at the moment and she needs to go into a bank branch to remove, which she wont do ) - Or it will just get her back up re the negotiations on house price and shared parenting.. So i'm kind of damded if i do / dont..

In a LET GO mindset, i feel i should say "sort these yourself" - But on the other hand, if my next door neighbour or somebody at work asked for my help on any of the 3 above, i would sort / try to sort, as its little skin of my nose..



Previous username - Helpme123.. A name chosen at a desperate time..

Now Mr Brightside.. coming out of my cage, and doing just fine.