Steve...for my W's age she looks much younger. It is ridiculously narrow minded to view looks as supremely important as again here I am in this predicament no matter her looks, but I truly do wonder if I could be so lucky again. Thing is I would look for another woman with basically the same "fundamentals" as my current W. Your list of 4 is interesting to me. W and I had number one for sure although she was much more "passionate/opinionated" about her values. #2, she failed miserably at. I think due to #2, for #3 she couldn't be that way towards anyone. I don't think she has the happiness within her to feel that way about another. And #4...ya know it's just not that big of a deal to me. Like yes, love no...that would be ok.

I do agree with you though, cute with strong #1/2 and decently strong 3/4 and I'd be happy. And yeah, I am seeing that about not being 9's anymore, but then again I think as we age we learn there is way more to life than the physical. For sure there needs to be the attraction, but I would FAR prefer a happy with life, committed cute than some 9-10 angry at the world and entitled.

The thought of re-living life through the eyes of my 4yo D is WAY more appealing to me than ANY consideration of a new adult life with another lady. I would rather live again as a child with the happy fun things of life than deal with the drama of a modern relationship. Like with everything time will tell.


Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19