B, I have been in love with two women in my life. And was headed there with a third. First was my longtime, on again, off again girlfriend. The one that was headed there was a girl from Brazil who was only in the states for 6 months. We dated for 5 months, and if she had stayed, or I had move there I would have no doubt been in love with her, no question. The third is my W.

All 3 had one things in common, they are knockdown gorgeous. All are 9s, no doubt about it. All of them know about the other 2 and have commented about how pretty the other two are. (My W is Facebook friends with both of them!)

The on again, off again chose someone else over me eventually. The girl from Brazil didn't care enough about me to stay. And my issues with my now W are well documented here.

I've often told myself that if my W left me for an OM, what I would look for in another woman would be completely different. I've always thought I needed to be crazy about the woman I ended up with. That was false. What I should have been looking for was a woman that was crazy about me!

Here is my criteria moving forward if it were to ever end with my W:

- Must share my values
- Must be happy and enjoy life
- Must be head over heels crazy about me
- Must love sex!

Obviously I want someone I am attracted to, but does she have to be knockdown gorgeous? Another 9? NO!! Cute is all I will ever need again as long as they have those 4 qualities above.

Trust me......no one stays dropdead gorgeous as they age. All three of the women I mention in this thread are still attractive, but they aren't 9s any more. The important things are the things above.

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