Help- great posts above from the others, I don't really have much to add. She may or may not be MLC but she is 100% wayward. Read as many of Sandi's posts as you can, she talks a lot about the differences between a WAW and a WW and goes into what you should and should not do with a wayward. Brace yourself for great difficulties ahead, WW's can be very mean/ angry/ vindictive. Being complacent and accommodating will not work with a WW, you've got to adopt a "tough love" approach.

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Wow after all that in the end you are living with an ex girlfriend? Kinda hypocritical don't you think.

He lives with his GF (they're not married). You probably misunderstood this line: "Thoughts appreciated please - do I live with an ex-partner who just fell out of love after 8 years and is now appreciating the male attention, or somebody going through a MLC ? "

He's asking if his GF is already an ex who fell out of love, or if she's in MLC.

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