Thank you Steve, I definitely appreciate it! New Year's Eve I intentionally went to bed early. In all my years I've never look forward to the passing of any given year, but this time I was ready to get rid of 2018 asap! my close friend who knows my sitch was wishing me a happy new year...with 2019 being certain divorce and other life changes that go along with that, I just LOL'd and said thanks, maybe 2020 will be a year I can actually look forward to!

Squiggy's sitch was definitely an interesting read and he had lots of great support from many vets on here to get through it. what strikes me about his sitch compared to mine is that he had a TON more talking with his WW throughout, also from the beginning his WW even though she had an OM she was not after divorce whereas mine I have no idea of OM and W has only been full speed divorce since she left. it does show that IF both parties do reach a point of wanting to make a new MR, it can happen. course I also read about his struggles with piecing and for a long time I've been thinking how incredibly hard that must be. probably why I default to if OM then move on. forgive part I "think" I could/can do, forget likely never could/would.

like I've said there is so much good thought provoking and helpful information contained in so many of these sitches. appreciate you Sandi for tipping me off to this one. It does show that it is possible for folks to get their marriages back from the most difficult of circumstances.


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