thank you neffer for your thoughts to me and my D, but respectfully I must disagree. Present time is full of D's crying, missing one parent as handed off to the other, back and forth, always missing one parent and/or the family she once knew. THAT pain is present time and will persist for the rest of her/our life. PMA in that reality I'm sorry my friend. And my W is fine with putting her needs over her child's needs.

The whole "it's better to have two happy parents than an unhappy marriage" who says the parent left behind is happy? what about the utter destruction wrought by the parent who left? the lives destroyed in the name of THEIR happiness?

all that I know is that I will be divorced and living somewhere else. that is all I know. I know I am blessed to have her. I was a terrible husband, had no clue on all the expectations women have in relationships and realize I need to stay away from them as I'd only fail again.

I'm sorry, I'm in a bad place right now. not over my W, I could care less what really happens to her. honestly not even concerned about myself. but what the idiocy/sham of what our MR was and how it's impacting my D, truly it kills me.

Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19