My MC told me that the majority of people come to MC 2-4 years too late. Usually, one person is already done and is there to:

1) validate their decision to leave by exposing all the other person's issues
2) help the other person to accept their decision to leave with a neutral third party in the room
3) tick the box that they "tried therapy" to maintain appearances with friends and family

In this situation that one person is already done there is probably a zero percent success rate for any MC. In addition, I believe that they make the situation worse because they encourage the "standing spouse" to divulge all their thoughts and feelings which comes across as pursuing behavior.

When one person wants out and one person wants to keep things together, overt pursuit is the enemy.


Married 18, Together 20, Now Divorced
M: 48, W: 50, D: 18, S: 16, D: 12
Bomb Dropped (EA, D): 7/13/11
Start Reconcile: 8/15/11
Bomb Dropped (EA, D): 5/1/2014 (Divorced)
In a New Relationship: 3/2015