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No matter the why. Through the heartbreak of being without my family tonight, another huge nail in the coffin has been driven in any love I may have had for her. Just ready for the new year and a new life without her. Our MR and family did not deserve to be discarded like it was worthless. I wish her peace, love and above all, happiness.


Same here man. My WW keeps nailing away on the coffin of our MR. My desire for her and to R and even my attraction to her has significantly diminished because of her actions.

Funny thing is I set my relationship status to single on SM. I have it so it doesnt notify anyone. But since I did that, I have been getting an unreal amount of friend requests from some amazingly beautiful career women. I havent taken any steps to date or anything, but I know for a fact that I will have zero issues finding someone that values me.

We are MOAFWL and were M to some serious fools.

H(me) 38
WW: 38
S11 D16 D19
Red Flags of A: March 2018
ILYBNILWY: August 4, 2018
Moved out of MBR: September 24, 2018
BD/Confirmation of A: October 31, 2018
D Filed: March 27, 2019