Bo...for any LBS here I will almost guarantee that their sitch has FAR more to do with whatever is up with the WW/WH than them. we are all imperfect and for sure with the benefit of hindsight we can see those imperfections more clearly, but in the rigors of day to day life how many of us can cover every single d**n thing we SHOULD/COULD have done? and again, who are we to say if we even really know what it was that ticked off our spouses? marriage at a certain point is a total crap shoot of faith that the two people who vowed to each other can make it work, sadly many times they can't. the idea to me that any of us LBS's via self examination can totally correct everything we did wrong...that is a cheeseless tunnel as we say around here.

I go back to, they left/have other person/don't want to be married anymore/whatever the reason it is the TRUTH for the LBS to learn to handle however they can. it takes each of us a person journey to get to the point where enough is enough. H88L I love the woman I married to this day, never wanted any of this, does not matter, she gone. as I said in an earlier post you can sum up the ENTIRE story about what happened to us and what we must do in a single paragraph. I would say actually even in less than 20 total words. that is just mind numbingly unfair to all of us, but it's true.

Again let me say I'm far from a devout Christian insofar as church attendance, bible study, etc BUT "I" have a relationship with my God and through that and perhaps at times contrary to established church doctrines he and I speak to one another about my life. Simply I do not put what the church says I must do between he and I which is exactly what you wrote. I believe if you walk in the spirit of the Lord that path you take ain't always gonna be straight nor clear nor proper, BUT your persistence and willingness to follow in the path he has provided for you will lead you to the answers and peace. Like I said take what I say how you will. It's simply the way that works for me. My best to you friend!


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