Hey b, been a while . I've read most of your posts and it seems that you are accepting what may become for most of us our outcome. From what I've read it shows you have taken the time to reflect and to heal. Like they say hear the path to healing is not linear - like most of us I see the ups and downs but for you I feel that strong semblance of balance. It seems you are taking things in stride and are strong in resolution of reaching your objective of detachment. I commend you for this. I am trying to do the same but feel I am somewhat stuck in the anger phase( not healthy I know) . Know that my prayers are with you and D. May you have a blessed Christmas!

M51 w50
T-20Yrs M-16Yrs
S15- mad at W for not trying and giving up
1 Awesum dog
BD 10/31/17
separate rooms 02/08/18
wife moved out 05/17/18