Hi Ballast,

Catching up on your sitch. I can see why you are wanting answers. If you had them, what would you do then and would it be different from what you need to do now?

I have a IHS with WW and although I don't know details I know it's enough for me to move forward and work on myself. She'll deny anything is going on. I have a S10 and S6 and I think this may be our last Christmas together but I'm not going to allow that to control how I act like trying to overdo anything. Enjoy life for what it is.

Enjoy this time with your D3. Love yourself. Find peace that the people you still care for are still on this Earth and that although this is the most difficult thing, we should use this time to center ourselves and put focus on what really matters in our lives. (())

H 49 , W 47
T 23, M 17
S11, S5
BD: 7/18
IHS: 7/18 - 3/19
Physically Separated: 3/19-4/19
Piecing: 4/19 - Current