you know i wonder truly what i have...i read of folks having waywards who cry, temp check, ask for pictures of kids, exchange pictures, try to keep the LBH as a plan B,, absolutely none of that has happened. sorry all i know it really matters not in the grand scheme of things. i know she is working with her friends to improve her place and so is for sure going to complete the D. i guess i just cycle and struggle from time to time on if she is not wayward (ie OM) then again the word WHY. and i guess again it does not matter as the truth is the truth in that she's gone and nothing i can do to change it. i wonder was there anything different i could have done, but the truth is again the truth and no, leaving her alone/letting her go is all i can do. the simplicity of WHAT we can DO no matter the sitch always amazes me, we basically do nothing but let them go and save ourselves. i know she is casting off being a wife/married and casting off being a family. perhaps it was just that she decided she wants none of that anymore. impossible for me to understand, but if those are her feelings and that was the case, again nothing for me to do but keep moving on for me and D. i'm sorry all, my sitch just compared to everyone else's WW sitch just does not match. it is very hard sometimes when you can't put a finger on really why your spouse left and that's where i find myself. our marriage had troubles yes...maybe she just thought they were far more terrible than i did. have to remind myself no matter what the reason, it was her choice. tough to deal with in absence of a showstopper reason.


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