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Stay strong there man, yours really is a hard to read process. My best wishes for you and D3, always.

thank you neffer! you'll see from my last post above IC thinks W has not even begun to process the ending of our relationship...and may never. that seems impossible to me. her not wanting to do the emotional work necessary for the marriage, yep i can see that. IC said W is avoiding counseling either because she's guilty of something or she knows that her reason for leaving is indefensible. no matter of any of this though really. W wants the D so i'm going to give it to her. there will have been so much damage done by her to me...someday i'll be able to forgive her likely when like Davide i move on to a new good person, but i'll never be able to forget how she ended us and the terrible pain she put me through.

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Not me sir, I don't believe in closing yourself off to possibilities. If W came back to you and said she wanted to reconcile, that should be regarded as a fresh start, versus a return, and it would be incumbent upon HER to prove to YOU why you should consider it by establishing all the work she's done on herself to make her a better partner for a new relationship.

LOL...i was wondering when i'd hear your response! AND it was consistent with my expectations for what i thought you would say. you ARE right in that we should not close ourselves off to possibilities and if by miracle she returned, i'd hear her out, but as i've said before if there was an OM, there would be no chance. that is a hard stop for me. i would HATE it but no way i'd ever get past a PA w/OM. her coming back and being as you say...heck all i've ever wanted was her and me working together in an MR. it's nice to dream, fantasize, but my gut tells me there's already been an OM and so her and i are already over. time will tell all for sure.


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