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if for some reason she does, you and ACC and Stander are gonna find me and beat the ever-loving crap out of me if I even THINK of considering! :-)

Not me sir, I don't believe in closing yourself off to possibilities. If W came back to you and said she wanted to reconcile, that should be regarded as a fresh start, versus a return, and it would be incumbent upon HER to prove to YOU why you should consider it by establishing all the work she's done on herself to make her a better partner for a new relationship.


Married 18, Together 20, Now Divorced
M: 48, W: 50, D: 18, S: 16, D: 12
Bomb Dropped (EA, D): 7/13/11
Start Reconcile: 8/15/11
Bomb Dropped (EA, D): 5/1/2014 (Divorced)
In a New Relationship: 3/2015