Ryan for sure especially in Wanted's sitch if his W has suffered trauma in the past then there are legit aspects of mental health. I would only caution all of us to work on US first and be mindful of using mental health to excuse us of our part in the MR breaking down.

Beyond there possibly being mental health issues, I think generationally there are much greater forces at play for each of us. the acceptance of divorce, ease of social media creating infidelity, etc. Sandi was gracious enough to speak with me quite a bit about this topic in my prior thread and if you haven't seen it definitely worth a read.

has my IC said my W is depressed, conflict avoidant and emotional immature? yep, but even if she is, guess what ain't done a d**n thing to bring her back to me and I don't feel one bit absolved from my faults of which during our MR assuredly there were many.

Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19