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I will say that some of the stuff she has sent me has been delusional, very random and has made my IC say she has the emotional maturity of a 16yo girl so...as is said here, ain't my circus, ain't my monkeys...

That's very interesting because my IC said essentially the same thing. She told me that when someone is sexually abused, they pretty much stop maturing emotionally. They are stuck at whatever emotional stage they were in when the traumas occurred. In my Ws case, that took place when she was 2-3 yrs old and then again when she was a teenager. It makes my physically ill to think about what my W has gone through, however, after hearing my IC explain this, it sort of explains, in a sense, where her mindset as been. If she's that immature emotionally, that could explain why she just wants out with no desire to try to fix our M and R. Like all WW, logic and reason play no part in their thoughts and feelings. Then if my W is stunted emotionally because of what she's gone through in the past, that makes it even worse.

Who knows though. Like you said, ain't my circus, ain't my monkeys. I could drive myself nuts thinking about all of this stuff and therefore try not to as best I can.

M: 34 W:34
D:7 D:6 S:3

M: 9.5 years T: 12

OM found & BD (by me): 9/19/18
IHS begins
W informs me she's moving out: 11/28/18
W files: 12/21/18
D Final: 2/25/19