thanks steve...if my mood were an EKG output it would be a straight line! smile

over the weekend i reconnected with a friend from years ago. i found out that she had been divorced and then tragically lost her only son at 15. the benefit of perspective hit me. when i compare my half-time with D to her complete loss of time with her son, well...i count my blessings.

the why answer with time will be revealed. now it may not come from W, but there will come a time where i will see that what happened was necessary for me to "get to the next dot". i see that with Stander, he still has no idea why his W left, but what happened did get him to a better place where he is now. i read the letter that Hurt's WW sent him. i wonder when my W is alone what thoughts go through her mind. it's all theoretical/hypothetical to be sure, but it fascinates me in a way that it's a mystery and makes no logical sense to me. her utter silence, desire to complete blow apart our MR makes it like WW in reverse. maybe as ACC said there is something more mental health, less wayward to explain her, but anyway nothing i can do no matter....once you can soberly fully admit/accept that...that "EKG" being a straight line means you are in a good place.

always appreciate your comments steve!


Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19