in my scorecard of life i'm an utter failure. every and any vision i had for myself having lived a life of purpose and quality is scorched right now. so for sure i am good with me the person, but terrible with the story of my life. with time, IC and some acceptance hopefully i can free myself from that.

Please work on this with your IC. This is not a healthy perspective. The failure of marriages should not mean that your life is a failure. Marriage is a two-way street and you cannot control the outcome, you can only live by your values be content in knowing that you did your best. Of course you, and nearly all of us here, could have been better husbands or wives, but it is the WAS who left and broke the commitment, not you.

Hang in there.

W 34 Me 42
Married 7 years together 8
0 kids 1 beloved dog
BD 4/6/2018
I moved out 4/7/2018
I moved back in alone 8/05/2018
I file 3/06/2019
D official 5/7/2019