Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, I really do appreciate that.

Kind of in the line of thinking about what the other people are saying. Don't put any mental effort into when or if your W has an EA/PA with OM. Its just a mental mind trap you will get into, and you will be just thinking in circles. An "alpha" or "man's man" or AMOAFWL isn't going to get into that type of circular thinking. Be that man.

If W comes back to you down the road and is fully repentant for her actions and wants to recon with you (whether there is an A or not) then cross that bridge when you get there.

BTW I read all your posts and while we have different sitch I do find myself in a similar mindset that you have wrt to modern women and modern relationships. My world and some of my core has been rocked. I am at the point now that once D is official and if down the road W wanted to remarry me I would consider it only with her. Otherwise, I just can't see myself getting M again. LTR yes, but M no. Maybe that will change, but for now I don't see it that way.

H(37) W(35)
D8, D5, S3
T20, M13
BD 8/31/18
EA Discovered 9/13/18
Mediation 10/3/18
W files for D 10/12/18
W moves out 11/10/18
EA confirmed 12/25/18
D Final 1/10/19