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My pleasure -- I heard a radio show talking about families coping with incurable, terminal diseases. In those situations, a member of the family is going to die, and there's nothing that can be done to change that outcome.

In those scenarios, its very common for people in the family to become experts in the disease -- to understand all the possible treatment paths, all the risks, all the prior outcomes, all the holistic treatment methods, etc. In effect they get a PhD in the disease.

Why do they do this when the outcome is inevitable?

Because humans have a terrible time with feeling a lack of control. An attempt to "become an expert" is an attempt to gain control over something that is uncontrollable.

That explains why LBS seek to do so much relationship reading, study affairs, read about mental illness, infidelity, etc. Its a desperate bid for control in an environment where control is not available to us.


So true. In fact, I came to this board looking for information on how anti-depressants can cause people to become wayward. I thought if I could get her off the meds I could fix the sitch. CONTROL

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