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i'm a Christian...i am to forgive those who "trespass against us" and yet for the person i vowed to love the most, i can't. that dichotomy...it rages in me and pulls me apart. many times i feel this whole ordeal is actually more about me and God and my W is just the pawn piece he uses to challenge me. he is forging/testing me somehow i don't understand and yes, perhaps i'm fighting him. i read where this whole thing tests us emotionally, physically and spiritually...for sure that is true.


I'd like to challenge this a bit. And say that God doesn't test us. But he allows us to be tested. But NEVER above that we are able. I can back all of that up with scripture if you'd like, but it is all in there. The story of Job paints a picture of this where Satan did the testing, but God put parameters on how far Satan could go. You aren't fighting him. You are fighting yourself! Job could have cursed God and died. In fact, we all can take that route. But it isn't God we are fighting, but ourselves. And our patience. And our longsuffering. And our ability to trust Him. And the depths of our faith.

B, you are going to be okay....NO MATTER WHAT. You have to put your faith and trust in that. It may not feel that way now, but at some point you will look back and realize this.

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