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holidays are going to be tough no matter what. simply put I miss her, my D and OUR whole family.

I'll get through it ok, but there will be a TON of self reflecting...and hopefully a lot of food!

praying for all of you...


B I can relate. BD for me was 12/23 last year. The holidays sucked. I could barely eat. Everyone noticed. I said I didn't feel well (which was 100% true). My mom has a sixth sense about these things. During our get-together she went into the kitchen of my niece's house where my W was sitting....and hugged her. Out of the blue and said "I love you!" My W mentioned it later as being weird. Then when we opened a restaurant gift card from my parents (as did my other siblings) my mom said "And that is for a date night! Not for the entire family but must for the couples to go out on a date." She knew something wasn't right with us.

The other get togethers were the same but without the mom's 6th sense. So much good food and I could barely eat any of it. I plan to make up for that this year.

Hang in there B, it will get better one way or another.

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