Acc...I would say that W's realization that while in her life with other people she may get her way, in a court of law regarding a D she won't get all of what she thinks. the picker conversation...I'm still way WAYWARD in my reluctance to talk about it. for a big part of me it's like breaking down my last high school football game 30 years later. yeah I know I need to improve, make better decisions but I d**n sure don't feel like I'll be "playing" again.

another girl friend at work today told me she wants to set me up...after enduring the emotional abuse I feel I'm working my way through, I just thankfully and most respectfully don't want to try again. lies, deceit, selfishness...pure EVIL. for sure I'll endure and get through this, but the conflict I have in me over ever trying again is much greater than whatever happens with me and W. my D was crying when I left her yesterday. I can mind movie all day about W doing anything she could think of with any man or woman and not trigger...but the tears in my D's eyes as I have to leave her

Steve, no apologies. The more you tell it, the more chance newer folks who come here will see it in their time of need.

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When I told her no, we were going to share custody, I'd pay support, she'd get half of everything, and that we were going to sell the house and split those proceeds, that further broke her bubble. And it made her feel guilty. (I remember the house discussion vividly! I told he we were going to sell it and split the equity. She said "no, I don't want you to sell. I want D to have the stability of her home." I looked her dead in the eye and said "I have to sell it to move on. This is OUR home and it would be a constant reminder. It wouldn't be fair for you to go off and start this new life but for me not to be able to do the same."

Outwardly at least I don't think W cares, but I feel I will be deciding the same as you for the exact same reason. After "going in reverse" for several months then finally being able hit the brakes and shift my life back into forward gears I really want to keep picking up speed and this needs to be a part of it.

Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19