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also my spidey sense has me feeling like W is stalling on the D process. she has been h8ll bent on it from the beginning, but it just seems like it's slowed. i know the process is annoying to her and not going as she expected. also i told her emotionless i'm trying to get us done asap as per her request. could be many other things going on of course, i don't know, don't care, but gut feel is that the "PUSH" is not as pushy. lol.

Going through a D process is a lot of administrative hell and obviously there are negative feelings associated with it. As you get into the thick of it, its normal to lose momentum, particularly if W is gaining the majority of whatever benefits she was seeking already. i.e. once the process is complete, how is her life better? If its not, there's really no motivation to push.

For instance, when my sister got divorced, her exH refused to move out of the marital home until the D was complete, and she really wanted him out. That gave her a lot of motivation to move things along and her exH leveraged that urgency to gain concessions.

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had another good meetup with IC. she continues to be fascinated by W. we've been working on "my picker", investigating why/how i choose who i do as far as ladies to date.

Working on your picker is the best thing I've read all month

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