it may be hard for myself and many of us to feel thankful given our sitches this week. i pray we all even through the adversities we presently find ourselves in can yet with God's grace recognize the many blessings we each still have. Through our recognition of those blessings may we find continued strength to see us through our difficult times.


I am decidedly not religious, but you are spot on about finding those things in our lives to grateful for, and finding the continued strength to keep up the struggle.

I, for one, am unbelievably grateful for the support and love in this community of anonymous "strangers."

W 34 Me 42
Married 7 years together 8
0 kids 1 beloved dog
BD 4/6/2018
I moved out 4/7/2018
I moved back in alone 8/05/2018
I file 3/06/2019
D official 5/7/2019