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Coda seems appropriate as I believe within the span of this thread divorce between my W and I seems likely. My sig lays out my specifics. My sitch is pretty meh, W left early this year and has basically ghosted me since. I would have liked the opportunity to have had a chance to save my MR and give you all a much better "she said, so I did/said experience", but nope just didn't happen in my case. Even without that there's a ton of knowledge from many vets tucked away within my threads that many will find useful. It sounds um anti-climatic? ya know the whole boy DID NOT get the girl deal, but I at least I established the foundation to save myself within these words. There's a sermon online where the preacher talks about "you can make it on broken pieces", that's me these days. Kind of always amazing to create a new thread, wondering how "you" are still here, a degree of rejection in the reality of still being on your journey, BUT ironically optimism in what more you can/will learn with it's we go...


Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19