She has basically been unwilling to talk about anything since BD. I filed in August, and our temporary hearing is this week to establish custody while the D is worked out. I don't know when the divorce will ultimately be settled. Our state normally requires a year of separation, but with an at-fault divorce it can be done in as little as 60-90 days.

D isn't what I want, but I don't know what other option I really have. She won't do the right thing regarding custody and she isn't willing to do any work toward repairing our relationship so I have to protect myself and our son. She can't see it right now, but ultimately SHE is the one that is losing out. She chose to pursue a man old enough to be her father, who is willing to help destroy a family. I certainly wasn't a perfect husband by any stretch of the imagination, but I have owned that and dedicated myself to being the best father and to being the best man I can be. If/when I get in to another relationship, I know that I will be an amazing partner and she will have to live with knowing that she could have had that.

I wish I had done a lot of things differently, but SHE made her choices. Now, I just have to make the best life I can for my son going forward.

Me: Late 30s WW: Late 30s
M: 12
S: 7
BD: Late April '18 (Wife left next day)
OM confirmed: July '18 (20+ years older)

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. - Psalms 34:18