Hi Don!

I haven't stopped by here in a long time, but had to comment after reading your updates. I'm glad that you have meet someone who interests you and that you have a great time with!

I think you've met a highly sensitive person. A few things you mention - anxiety, feeling guided by a relative who has passed (if I read that right), picking up on what people are like quickly - all sounds familiar. If I'm right, her hesitation and hedging could have to do with the anxiety, not knowing if she'll feel up to going out or traveling. It sounds like you are at the same pace and that's very comfortable.

Enjoy the ride and don't worry or speculate too much!

M 16 yrs, WH62, P54
3 adult blended kids
EA 11/13, BD1 6/14
PA fall 14, BD2 2/15
Piecing 2015, BD3 12/15
Separated 4/16
WH moved OW in 5/16
Divorced 6/15/17