Notavic, it is interesting that you mention the breadwinner issue. We've had quite a few new posters recently mostly from LBHs, where the usual male-breadwinner role was reversed, and the W became the breadwinner. I've anecdotally known several couples (including my sister) who were in such arrangements. Only 1 of the 10 or so I know of have been successful long term. Eventually resentments and problems have arisen. I told the tragic story in 1 of my posts (I wish I could find it) where I told the story of some very dear friends of mine. In their case the H had type 1 diabetes severely, and therefore the W had to be the breadwinner. But eventually the same resentments cropped up, and she became a WAW. Her H lived a little over a year before the stress of the breakup of their marriage literally killed him. It was just too much on top of his severe diabetes.

You are at the right place. GAL, detaching, 180s and being the best you can be will go a long way towards potentially turning your sitch around. But if it doesn't it will prepare you for the next chapter of your life.

Keep posting. This is a great forum with a great set of people that really want to help!

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