I mentioned awhile ago that I was looking into the KETO way of eating, basically it's a high fat / moderate protein / low carb way of eating. When eating KETO, you basically do two things, don't eat anything that your body processes into carb energy (i.e. sugar) and track your macros to make sure you get the nutrients your body needs (protein) and don't eat more than your body needs (fat) and limit carbs (did you know onions are high in carbs?).

I've been transitioning slowly, because the key to KETO is getting into a ketosis state (where your body burns fat for energy instead of carbs), and there are a lot of ingredients that can take you out of ketosis, things that you wouldn't expect (such as sugar in spice mixes, preservatives) so you really need to research most groceries you buy. It's been an amazing learning experience for me so far. I started with breakfast, which for the most part is easy cause I really like bacon, sausage and eggs, but I took time to figure out new breakfast recipes to make, buy oils, spices, etc that were KETO friendly. I then moved to lunch, which took a little time to figure out things to make that are convenient enough to grab and go on the way to work, snacks, etc. Now I've moved to dinner.

I am becoming a better cook than I ever though I would be. I have always enjoyed barbecuing, whether it be grilling, low and slow indirect heat or smoking. I know a lot about bar-b-q and it's been a hobby for quite awhile (I have 6 grills), but I always struggled when I would try and cook a new recipe in the kitchen, I would read something that I just didn't understand, like when they would say to blanch something. But now, I'm making my own mayo (which is very easy and you can leave out preservatives, etc), blending my own spice mixes (like taco seasoning, pot roast seasonings, etc), and just really enjoying learning new ways and things to cook. I picked up an instant pot during prime day, so been learning to cook with that as well (it was actually intimidating to use the first time). So now I am trying new foods/recipes and cooking multiple ways (sous vide, instant pot, grills, crock pot, gas stove).

I learned yesterday that you can use cauliflower to use as a rice and a mashed potatoes substitute, I haven't tried it yet (coming soon), and that you can use radishes to replace whole or cut potatoes, seems crazy but people claim that they taste pretty similar to potatoes. The thing is, I'm not doing this as a diet, I'm doing this to eat healthier, so I'm really putting in the work to understand the principles, find new recipes that are tasty and ways to cook the recipes that are convenient, and fast when needed (the pressure cooker cooks really fast). So far, I'm pretty pleased with how it's going.

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