I need to stop feeling sorry for myself

DB thanks for your input on my thread. And you are exactly right when you say you need to STOP feeling sorry for yourself. First of all this makes you look weak and unattractive to W. You need to show calmness and confidence.
And now you have a choice- To wallow in self pity or to dust yourself off, get up, chest out , chin up and move forward. You know what to do. From your response on my thread I think you can appreciate the saying that we taught my son when he was young. It says- Just do your best- And let God do the rest !!! Stay Well and Blessings!

M51 w50
T-20Yrs M-16Yrs
S15- mad at W for not trying and giving up
1 Awesum dog
BD 10/31/17
separate rooms 02/08/18
wife moved out 05/17/18