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My biggest challenge is with the yard, it's almost 3/4 of an acre, it has lots of mature pine trees and a few oak trees, so with all the shade there are parts of the yard where grass doesn't grow. The previous owner also had a large section on the side of the back yard that was used as kind of like a flower bed, but it's like 20 feet wide and like 40 or 50 feet long (runs along neighbors fence) that has no grass and is growing a lot of weeds. It's a challenge to mow cause a lot of dirt blows up... anyway, I prefer a natural landscape to a manicured lawn, so I'm going to try and learn about naturescapes (I think is what is called).


I have some of the same yard issues. I have a lot of shade in my front yard and backyard. My backyard is mostly natural, but I'd like to make it more of a lush garden; not necessarily manicured, but lush with a variety of plants (and a gazebo).

I've found a lot of interesting gardening and yard info on YouTube. One of my current favorite channels is "Garden Answer." It's a husband-wife team; the husband is the cameraman and the wife narrates. They have some really good garden tours that I enjoy watching. Something else I'm researching is natural ponds/pools. I'd like to have a water feature (not a tiny pool of water), but I want something that looks natural rather than having the typical pool.