forgot to mention, I have been looking into the KETO way of eating (high protein, low carb) and am thinking I may shift my eating habits to that way of eating. I don't eat many carbs anyway, but it will require stopping the sugar in my coffee (which I love) as well as taking milk out of my diet. Those are the only two things I really care about. But my sister and brother in law eat KETO and love it, actually during my visit a few weeks back, they wouldn't shut up about it.

Also, ever hear of Sous Vide? I recently started cooking Sous Vide, I'm having fun experimenting with it and it compliments my grills very well. It's biggest claim to fame is taking a cheap piece of meat and making it very tender (some meats you cook for up to 48 hours) and it doesn't overcook anything, keeps it at the perfect temps. All the meat i've cooked so far has come out fantastic.

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