Good Morning V. Since I have never seen you and only have your own description to go by, let me tell you the external V that I see in my mind's eye.

She's tall with good posture. Bright either blue or grey eyes. A cloud of curly hair, mostly grey but with dark reverse highlights.

A strong but thin nose and narrow pointed chin frame normal sized lips that normally have a straight line but occasionally burst into a quirky grin.

A perky chest as good engineering assists to combat what gravity and time is trying to undo. A waist that speaks of a life lived and that curve into gentle hips.

Legs that are tall and lean dancer's legs down to feet and toes that are well cared for but show the results of time spent in heels even though clad in flats.

The arms are lean and well muscled and end in hands that show a few but not too many age spots with well cared for nails on long slim fingers.

How'd I do?

H52, W50
T27, M26
S21, D23
D-15-Jan-18 Final-19-Apr-18
I am a storyteller. The story may do you no good.
But a story is never for the listener. It is always for the one who tells