Oh hey, so that equation applies to both sexes, right?

OR is this one of those "how attractive men HOPE others see themselves as"...??? wink

The downside of me dating much older is that there are fewer men in their late 60's who can travel and hike and be as active as I am.

There are some, but the pickings are slimmer. Assuming they are healthy, I prefer an older man in some ways.

And As Coconut points out however, the childbearing issue for either sex is a factor.

A 39 y/o I dated was not sure if he wanted kids, but very much wanted to keep dating me. I explained more than I should have needed to, that it was not an option for me.

WTF? I don't want denying him fatherhood on my conscience, and I don't want to invest much time in someone who will need to leave the R to become a father, eventually.

Another turn off for ME was that he was a guy who had still not decided this at his age.

A 50 y/o guy listed in his profile that he was not sure either, and he called me. But I told him that there was not a reason to date if that was on the table for him. He said he never married b/c he did not think the women he dated would have been good moms...


So he could not marry any of the women he dated - due to HIS opinion of them as potential moms, (never mind HIS parenting talents,)

BUT he still does not know IF he wants kids...Um -wow, to me that is a man who is permanently confused at some level.

No thanks.

But, I digress.

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