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How old are you? 1/2 your age, plus 7 years is the rule of thumb, so if you're 42 or younger, game on.

I think that goes right along with "it's not cheating if you're at least 150 miles away from home." Or is that 50 miles, I can't remember.

interesting, previously unheard "rule". cool

As a woman who dated a significantly younger man - it actually embarrassed me at times. He was witty and smart and attractive, but...

I Felt like it looked too insecure on my end, like I could not handle a real man or a mature r, so I had to rob the cradle and prove something. Also, I hate looking like a cliche.

There is an odd power dynamic to dating much younger people, too. I guess I did not feel as if I was ALL IN.

Just thinking out loud.

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