Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful moms...

I agree and see all the red flags, crazy attachment issues etc.. I have zero emotional attachment to lovely, but there is a strong sexual desire when it comes to her. she stayed over on wed night (I did not have sex with her) and Thursday she helped me get everything packed for my camp trip and we hung around the house. At some point while laying in bed, I took a picture of us kissing (I didn't have a shirt on, she did but it was sphegetti straps and it looked like she was topless), the pic came out good and she asked me to send it to her. I selected the photo and typed the name and hit send, then while in my pics was showing her my family and got a text from GG saying "um, okay... I'm happy for you".. Ugh, my stomach balled up, I realized when I typed the name, I typed GG instead of lovely. Replied, sry, sent to wrong person, then a few minutes later text her that sending her the pic was not intentional, she didn't respond.

After lovely left, I called gg and we talked. She wasn't upset about the pic, said I'm a grown man and can do what I want, but on the other hand I got the feeling that she was coming on stronger than she had done in the past, kinda like wanting what you can't have.

After talking to gg, I remembered how much I enjoy talking to her, sharing stories, sarcasm, etc, I don't have that with Lovely at all and knew I had to end it.

While driving to the lake fri morning, lovely text me good morning, I replied good morning and that I was going to turn the phone off for the weekend and just enjoy the outdoors and my buddies.. She didn't text me again for the whole weekend, and I'm going to meet her tomorrow near her house and give her some stuff she left here and tell her I don't want to see her again. Hopefully the weekend apart will make it easier on her.

M - 9 1/2 years
5/5/16 - Bomb drop - 3 week EA
10/31/16 - We sold house
01/10/18 - D Finalized