yes there is a lot of update, and i am going to divide to different post:
1. Facts (what has happened - as objective as possible).

As you write in my lasts post, we have been in civil interaction, on daily bases. I have capt be aloof, and no show any pursuit. After WW last chat with OM2 (i have wrote about) there was NC between them (NC was about 20 days NC between WW and OM2), it is look like Pursuit / distancing game between them. Normally my WW can resist 3-4 days without NC, then initiate. Sometime OM2 initiate contact, the most of the cases OM2 initiate contact when it is time to haircut (normally each 14 days). There was/is situation when OM2 initiate contacts, when my WW play aloof.
So during those 20 days, i was starting to relax, emotionally slide back (hope UP), but did not show. I accept her invitations about walk around our block, when several times to the place were is our new flat. Each time we were to our new flat place, she was talking about how nice the flat it is, how we should buy another flat,....and thing like this. I just listen, be very aloof, validate but not agree i am going to have plans with her, buying new flat.
We also did exercise (material art) with the kids and/or only two of use in front of the block.
My approach to her was like annoying sister.
During those 20 days she try to bully/disrespect me in front of the kids, or alone, i call her writhe there 90% of the time, 10% just ignore.
She tried several time to bite me, involve in arguments, i ignore her.

There was several times, when we were with some neighbors at the evenings, her approach to me was very friendly. She did not try to disrespects/joke on me in front of the others (like last summer). When she start to not pay attention that i am there, i just left to walk around, and she start to looking about me.

My observation show, that when i become funny with others man/woman and especially other woman's, she become very curios, and start showing i an her man, body language or/and in conversation. She become very jealousy when some one appreciate me or/and show i have some value/skills.

During thous days, whit OM2 so much in the picture she look for my company/attention. There was not calls from my side, and few from her. She had some conversation with her friends, about how she want to invest in new flat and i am agents that, how she think to invest without my knowledge/agreement, and after 6-12months when the real payment will become, i will agreed as post fact.

So that i more or less, the good part.
because i know OM2 come to her each 14 days (haircut), i start to think when it would happened. OM2 become late with 6 days (so i have started to think, that my WW was setting some end of contact with OM2), smile but not.
The good think was, this is not for first time so i do not bring much hope about WW starts do the work.
4 days ago,OM2 FB her, about haircut for the next day. I happened next to me, so she felt that i know they texts. It was in the evening, we were smoking on the balcony, i shut down my self, she try to small talk, but i did not engage (just answer yes/no). I observe her body language, so she was worried/thing (she was know what is suppose to happened next days). This day we both had free day, we spend a good pleasant day, until OM2 text.

Next day, i had free day she had to go on work. I was known she will met OM2, she was suspect that i knew. I did not wand to see her how she will, make her beautiful, put a dress and all other make up thinks for OM2. Write after i wake up, i peeper my self for leaving (go to place from where i can take very good natural water for drinking, put in bottles and took at home).
WW - ask me am i go out,
me- sad to take water.
WW -ask why so early
me-well be hotter later
WW-why do not take the kids
me-ask the kids and they prefer to stay at home

Then, i said bey and left.

Later, OM2 was with her, she pompously made free 2-3 hours, after OM2 coming, to have time to be/talk with him. (she loos money, when she do this). There conversation, was not so much flirty as their FB chat talk about/her/his life/dais/events. I did not cover to listen all of it, but she mention it me only two times, she talk about her marital art exam (it will happened soon) and in relation of this, she talk about me. He ask her, am i steal go to exercise, she said yes, OM2 told her that he thought i will quit after a wail (so here i found out that she told him, that i join in this exercise, in attempt to control her).
To be frank - that is true. I become exercise with her and the kids, because of being needy to be next to her all the time. Later i start enjoying the sport, and become better and better.
When they talk about, what she will do next days, she said that will stay at home and rest, told him she do not know am I will be there (that i have a lot of work-and told him about my involvement in a big project at work).
So at the evening of this day, OM start FB chat with her, the chat was flirty, about going together, here and there, to take her on sea beach, and think like this. It looks like they were make planes, on the line between make planes / seeing what other side will agreed. Here i have to say that there is huge difference how they interact in presents and when they FB chat.
About this chat, she could be not so flirty, known i am at home and she left her FB open on her PC, the pc is in the milled of our living room, so there is 100% chance to me seeing what they chat.

After OM2 left after 3 hours talk with her, she called me.
She ask what i am doing.I told her - do things around
She ask about the kids, i was in hurry to cut the convo. She felt it. In fact their chat become later after she call me.

After her chat, i was devastated, angry all my buttons was pushed. I start thinking to write in the forum, but there was no time some one to answer me. So i started to read, in hope to found what to do, when she come home.
I was in hurry to handle my self how to handle the evening and the near future.

There was not so much option, looking in the past months. She know that i will not live like this any more, and ...nothing different. So i decide to live, when she come home after work. When she come home i go out (because of the kids i had to wait for her), we met on the stairs in front of the block, i was talking on the phone (work related):
WW ask if there is emergency at work so i need to leave,
Me - i told her that i am going out (for a walk),
WW - she told to wait for her to change the clothes, and go out together, spend time with some neighbors out there. (her face shown some worries
Me - I answer he that i do not wont, turn and left (her face become even more worried)

So i spend 5 hours until 1 am, in the car reading the forum, and thinking what to do. I went home, she was asleep.
In the morning, after my coffee, i left for work. She did not talk to me, me either. When i left (50 min earlier), i did not say bey.
When i go back from work, i sow she continuous chat with OM2 flirt even more hard, about traveling with him (emotionally) for now, as she said.
So i have decide to not go home, to found place to stay until my flat will be ready for living there (2-3 months from now). I have call to my friend and ask him, for help to found the place to stay.
At the evening i relay GAL for little with him. There is 2 nights i did not go home. Yesterday i call my kids, to see haw are they, when they ask if i come home, i answer i have work to do, and i do not know when (later i will ask, what to tel the kids)
There is not contact between me and ww since i left.

Yesterday, WW talk to her GF, about WW situation.
WW told her that she suspect me to having OW, that she do not believe me when i told her i have to stay at work (last time when i do not come home, 2 week ago - when she went out with OM2 to eat cake) - i did not told her i stay at work, i told her i do not want to be home, and will go home when the kids are there (they were at her parents).
So yesterday i told i am at work, to the kids not to her.
She admit to her GF, the she start this flirting and contentious as rebellion on me. WW told that last year, when OM2, gave her flowers for her birthday, WW ask to put this flower in the ground in front of our block (at this time i did not know, this flowers were from OM2), i helped her and look after for this flowers. So the flower start to grow, but suddenly they died.
WW told to her GF, that she suspect me to kill the flowers, i fell so much resentment, and because of this she starts this flirty (or whatever behavior with OM2), and will not give up.
Then WW told, her that, i punish her with my behavior, not come home (because of her interaction with him). WW show some from the FB chat, and told her that this was push my button and i punish her for that. WW told her GF, that there is nothing, just flirt, and if she wanted to do something she will hide, told her that she did not hide this from me from the begging. Of course, she did not told her about everything, just put me in controlling husband state, as well as i am cheating to punish her.

The last i heard from their convo was, that my wife told GF, that WW was telling me 2 moth ago, if i need reason to leave her, she will do PA with some one (to be easy for me), because her relation with OM2, is only friends, with whom she flirt for fun.

I will continuous in the next post.
I feel i need guidance, i need support from now one very much. I need advice how to handle the situations from now one. So place check on me often.
At the moment i do not have any hope about WW go out of the fog. There is all she need disrespect, resentment, rebellion and OM2.
Soon i waiting ww to stars call/text me, to guild trip me, threatening me, manipulating me. So i will need your help how to handle the things.

In the next posts i will write how i feel now, and some possible scenarios/situations/questions what to do. There is pattern in WW behavior, so i can predict some actions from her.
Sandi i need you, very much now.

W 41
T18 M12


I was WH 2011
WAW from 2012
WW from 2016
OM1 2016 (just friends) limerance
OM2 2017 (just friends) limerance

Full blown EA - not yet confirmed