Hope you are okay

OMG Sandi, every time when i felt on the bottom, think about post here to have your support (but did not yet wrote here in the forum, because i am not in tact of my emotion and thoughts), and you come here and say "Hi", you are so much to me.
I felt so much worm about, there is some one who are interested/care in your well being, without anything in return.

Can you give us an update?

yes there is a lot of update, and i am going to divide to different post:
1. Facts (what has happened - as objective as possible).
2. My feelings, thoughts and vents.
3. My further plans, i will ask questions, about how to proceed.

I feel blessed to have you Sandi.
To be continuation...

W 41
T18 M12


I was WH 2011
WAW from 2012
WW from 2016
OM1 2016 (just friends) limerance
OM2 2017 (just friends) limerance

Full blown EA - not yet confirmed