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I'm trying really hard not to just save her, it would be easy for me to call a mobile mechanic and have them go take a look at it today and give an estimate. She doesn't have money, barely gets by, so hopefully her friend is able to help, but I live about 35 minutes from the church, it's a long way to travel (and bring tools) to work on someone's car.

I have come back down to earth when it comes to her, I don't think about her much when she's not around, I've been doing my own thing, but I do enjoy spending time with her.

I am so glad you caught yourself on this one. I was afraid I was reading along that you would be the rescuer and she is really just a lady in your meet up group you had dinner with.

She is also very capable of calling a mobile mechanic and getting an estimate set up. She's a big girl. Yes, money is tight, but her financial concerns aren't even nearly an ounce of your own.

I hate to say this, but there are women out there who set themselves up to be rescued because there are men out there who are willing to. And they know how to play them.

Ever get to the bottom of your rescuing tendencies?