thanks V, I know it's all in my head, I shall continue working towards that goal by just conversing at first, without the added pressure of trying to ask for contact info.

Saturday I volunteered at a Teach a Kid to Fish event that a couple of my kayak fishing buddies put on in conjunction with the city. They have been doing it for 14 years, they had 80 kids sign up so they put out the call for help from anyone who wanted to volunteer. The event was about 2 hours from me, but I didn't hesitate to volunteer and I am really happy that I did.

Most of the kids who came to fish (ages 8-15) had never fished before, there were only a few fathers that showed up, most of the kids came with their moms. We broke the kids up into 3 groups and then rotated them through 3 classes that lasted 30 minutes each. The coast guard came and did a water safety class, then we had a Casting a fishing pole class, and I did the how to tie a fishing hook / bait a fishing hook /and remove a fish from a hook. I was impressed with how well organized it was.

In one of my classes, while I was going around helping the kids individually I noticed one of the moms helping a few kids tie the knot and I was impressed (she was the only parent to help in all three classes), then I noticed she had a pocket knife on her and I was intrigued. After the kids went to all three classes fishing started, and the real work began. Within 5 minutes had 2 kids with their lines stuck in a tree, one kid with a birds nest on his reel and two kids who had tangled up with each other. Started putting in some work to get them back fishing ASAP.

After we had been fishing for about 45 minutes the pocket knife carrying - hook tying lady and her son came to my section to fish. I finished tying a few hooks for kids I had lined up and putting bait on them and then went to talk to her. We only talked for about 5 minutes but it was easy conversation and then I had to get back to helping the other kids. After fishing was over, everyone sat down while they started giving away prizes. They had a few tables set up to the side where the volunteers were hanging out and I saw that pocket knife lady was sitting in that area, so I went and sat next to her and we started talking again.

The whole time we were talking I was so disappointed that I met her so far from home and I saw the disappointment in her face when I mentioned to her where I lived. None the less, it gave me hope that I can do this, because I wouldn't of had any issue asking for phone number if I hadn't lived so far away. Her son won one of the grand prizes, a lifetime fishing license, that was pretty cool.

Yesterday I had the game night, about 30 minutes before start time I got a call from gg, her car had stopped running about 5 minutes from my house, she thought she ran out of gas. Long story short, couldn't get the car to start back up so I towed the car to my house and then played games. She got a ride home last night and she said she's going to ask a mechanic from her church to come look at it.

I'm trying really hard not to just save her, it would be easy for me to call a mobile mechanic and have them go take a look at it today and give an estimate. She doesn't have money, barely gets by, so hopefully her friend is able to help, but I live about 35 minutes from the church, it's a long way to travel (and bring tools) to work on someone's car.

I have come back down to earth when it comes to her, I don't think about her much when she's not around, I've been doing my own thing, but I do enjoy spending time with her.

M - 9 1/2 years
5/5/16 - Bomb drop - 3 week EA
10/31/16 - We sold house
01/10/18 - D Finalized