joejoe, thanks so much for posting this. I feel like my wife and are moving towards piecing, but I am having many of the same emotions that you are. Last week (or the week before) I really started thinking about just telling her I was giving up and moving on to D. This would have crushed her. She has started to turn around since mid-Feb and want to work on the MR and heal things.

But I get frustrated because things are moving fast enough. Or as you mentioned what happened on your trip I will start spiraling when we are apart as I wonder what she is up to.

She continues to assure me she is doing nothing wrong, but I keep thinking about the "Believe nothing they say.....". Even when i was snooping and monitoring that she was engaged in messaging the OM, she was telling me nothing was going on, they are just friends. Etc.

Anyway, thanks it is nice to see others having the same thoughts and feelings that I am.

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