Thanks, joejoe

I understand exactly what you are saying. Like I said, I have no expectations and I want to take it slow. I'm happy to have her back home and have the opportunity to fix things. I have become a much better listener and do my best to validate her. I want her to feel comfortable talking to me. That was a big issue with us in the past. I was very critical and usually said something that would upset her (even though that was not my intention). I ask myself often if what I'm going to say will be beneficial to healing our relationship and making my W feel comfortable opening up to me, and I've caught myself many times. I told her that the love between us is there, and that we need to feed it. I also told her I only needed 3 things from her: honesty, respect, and loyalty, and that I plan on giving her the same. With that and taking it slow, things will slowly fall into place and each day will be a little better than the last...

Me: 38
Kids: S16(mine from previous R), D10, S9, S4
M: 10 years
T:12 years
BD:Jan 3, 2018
W moved out: Apr 13,2018
Filed for D: Jun 2018
D final: Sep 2019

"Surrender to the Flow"...