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Well he doesn’t beat me.

I've never understood why people who have been subjected to horrible mental abuse use that line to defend their abuser. Just because he hasn't laid a hand on you does not mean he doesn't "beat" you.

I can help here. I was physically abused. The physical part of it makes it impossible to ignore as abuse. The emotional part of it you can blame on yourself or your perception- it is easier to minimize and question. Even now, hearing your support, I still am not sure it isn’t all my fault.

That is some ugly, nasty abuse. Maybe you're too close to the situation to realize it, but that is wrong and you do not deserve that kind of treatment

Thank you for that ! It helps.

He has some serious issues and needs help. Unfortunately you can't tell him that because he'll just explode all over again. You really need out of that situation. Are you seeing a counselor?

I am - just started. I hope it helps!